We are your HR Partner!
We offer a range of HR services 
When we work with clients we consider workforce diversity, legal restrictions and the interdependence between training and professional development on the organization.  
We help organisations develop processes and procedures for their business without corporatising them.  It is important that in pinning down some processes we keep the familiar and friendly culture alive.  We also offer our clients our online peformance management uReview.  www.uReview.co.nz to help them manage their people from the get go!
Many companies are outsourcing their HR services.  They see the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes and an impartial view of their business.  
As experts in HR we assist clients with all sorts of people issues and provide a service that is unique to their business.  

We get to know their people, their culture and are then best placed to assist when they need our help
Outsource your HR ! 
Driving performance and accountability is key to the success of any organisation and we know how to help companies get this engagement from their people!

Our Team

Angeline Long
    Angeline Long
    Angeline is the Director and Founder of HR Executive Solutions. She has over 20 years HR experience and a passion for helping clients succeed in business!
  2. Aleisha Boller
    Aleisha Boller
    Aleisha graduated from Massey University in 2014 with a BA in Business Psychology. She joined HR Executive Solutions in 2014 and has been assisting our clients with a range of HR activities over this time.
Angeline Long
Aleisha Boller
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    HR Toolkit
    We we assist our clients in developing their own HR Toolkit. Job Descriptions, Contracts, performance management we help with all this and more!
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    HR Advice
    We provide our clients with free advice and assistance when they need it. It is all part of building a robust long term relationship!
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    Talent Acquisition
    We complete a robust end to end recruitment process. We understand clients are time poor and struggle to find the right people. or the money to pay agencies. We are a third of the cost of any other company! business
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    People & Performance
    We help our clients get the best out of their people through using our online peformance appraisal tool uReview.
We help you build your business with the right people!